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Recovering from an injury? Achy back giving you problems? Take part in physical activity and want to aid recovery? Or do you simply want help to relax your muscles and gain a better range of movement? Then make Revive Sports Massage your treatment of choice.

Sports massage has the ability to aid all kinds of individual’s problems, whether you take part in physical activity or not.

From bad backs to achy legs, Revive Sports Massage can help.

About Revive Sports Massage

Revive Sports Massage is a mobile sports massage specialist operating in West Yorkshire.

Founded by Graham Marr, qualified in sports science and sport and exercise science with sports therapy, we specialise in soft tissue therapy and help to alleviate aches and pains in athletes and everyday individuals alike.

Formed in July 2017, Revive Sports Massage has already helped a wide range of people recover from physical activity routines, everyday aches and pains, back problems and shoulder complaints.

Our clients range from professional athletes, office workers, company directors, casual sports players and retired individuals.

Revive Sports Massage recognises that not everyone has the time to fit in sports massage either due to work commitments, family commitments and travel time to a facility.

Passionate about helping people, Revive Sports Massage now brings the clinic to your living room, providing professional help in your very own home.

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is popular form of treatment designed to revive and restore soft tissue.
Soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin.

Using a hands-on approach, it is easier to pinpoint places of weakness and areas which need work. Sports massage uses a combination of techniques to work into affected areas which help in the re-alignment of fibres, the breaking down of scar tissue and to aid the relaxation of muscles.

This helps to alleviate pain, prevent injury and to maintain soft tissue function.

It is referred to as “sports massage” as many athletes benefit from the regular treatment
to help aid recovery from vigorous training regimes.

However, living in a hectic society, sports massage can be beneficial to anyone whose body is suffering from the rigors of day-to-day life.


Having a sports massage is a great way to prepare for, and recover from, physical activity, and to help alleviate everyday aches and pains.

Used frequently, sports massage can help joint mobility and flexibility therefore aiding in the prevention of injuries.

Sports massage can benefit everyone. Various people suffer with some sort of aches and pains from time to time which have occurred through repetitive strain, traumatic injuries, muscle strains and joint sprains.

Office workers who sit continuously for long periods of the day can benefit. We see office workers increasingly developing bad posture which in turn can cause back pain. Using sports massage can help alleviate tight muscles which cause the pain as well as helping to de-stress from a busy day in the office.

Athletes use sports massage as a way of recovery after a session. Sports massage stimulates blood flow so waste products built up over an exercise period are removed from the muscles quicker speeding up the recovery process.

Also, soft tissue injuries can be treated with sports massage as a way of re-aligning fibres so they heal better and quicker therefore reducing the risk of scar tissue. Scar tissue can also be broken down by sports massage and be re-aligned to help the muscles function properly again.

Absolutely! Sports massage is not just for people who take part in physical activity. Everyday people can benefit from a sports massage. If you feel you have tight muscles, any aches and pains or are recovering from an injury then sports massage can help.

Many people just like the feel of a sports massage and regularly receive treatment to help relieve stress. This helps their psychological wellbeing as well as physiologically..

The length of appointment you choose depends on what the required result is.

General maintenance massages can be completed with a 30-minute appointment.

45-minute and 60-minute appointments allow for greater work to be done which will allow the muscles to feel more relaxed.

For specific injury treatments, we advise a 45-minute or 60-minute slot to allow for a full treatment of the area.


  • Julie Field
    "As a Masters squash player, I attempt to keep fit and strong with cross training (gym work, biking and circuit training) as well as playing the game regularly.  This takes a toll on the muscles and joints and it does not get easier to recover as I get older. In preparing for the European Masters Championship this August I had the usual slight strains but then managed to "rick my neck" which was impeding my training and limiting my neck and shoulder flexibility. Luckily, Graham, you were at hand to provide some much-needed massage and treatment.  I am sure this enhanced and sped up my recovery and by the time I traveled to Poland I was pain free and back to normal flexibility. I shall certainly be calling on you for future maintenance or recovery treatments. Thank you Graham!"
    Julie Field
    O40 & O50 County Squash Player. Current National, European & World Over 60's Champion
  • Peter Field
    I am a regular squash player and gym user as well as being a fair weather road and mountain biker. As a result, I am often 'managing' injuries or suffering from tired or pulled muscles.
    I have found Graham's sports massages to be beneficial. I was particularly pleased when, despite carrying a knee injury in August 2017, I felt able to participate in the European Masters Squash Championships following some attention from Graham. (Resulting in me reaching my seeding in the competition!)
    I hope to continue to enjoy the treatments and take advice from Graham for many active years to come.
    Peter Field
    O-70 Squash Masters Player
  • Sean Smith
    As a former member of the Royal Engineers within the British Army my job was strenuous and physically demanding. While deploying in Afghanistan I severely injured my back. Through 4 years of unsuccessful physio it became my reason to leave the forces as I wasn’t able to continue within the role I was employed. Upon leaving the Military I have continued to encounter back pain and discomfort. Finding Graham and Revive Sports Massage was a god send. Although I still have back pain, Graham ensures that I am fighting fit and able to continue with my active lifestyle and job. I urge anyone who has back pain to give Revive Sports Massage a chance. You will not be disappointed.
    Sean Smith

Our prices

30 minutes: £25.00
45 minutes: £32.50
60 minutes: £40.00

Discounts are available on longer term packages. This is useful if you prefer regular maintenance treatments or if you are training for a specific event.

This includes:

5 x 30 minutes = £110.00
(£22.00 each) saving £15.00

5 x 45 minutes: £142.50
(£28.50 each) saving £20.00

5 x 60 minutes: £170.00
(£34.00 each) saving £30.00

10 x 30 minutes: £200.00
(£20.00 each) saving £50.00

10 x 45 minutes = £255.00
(£25.50 each) saving £70.00

10 x 60 minutes: £300.00
(£30.00 each) saving £100.00

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Areas covered

As a mobile sports massage therapists, we help clients with their
aches, pains & recovery all over Yorkshire including, but not limited to:

West Yorkshire, Leeds, Bradford , Wakefield, Huddersfield, Halifax, Castleford, Pontefract, Dewsbury,
North Yorkshire, York, Selby, Tadcaster, Sherburn-In-Elmet